Ambassador Sabit Subasic officially became the Bosnian Ambassador to India in 3rd March 2014. Before coming to India he was a diplomat in Turkey for several years, where he witnessed some of the crucial phases of unique democratic development of the nation. Earlier he was the Minister/Advisor of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Australia. Prior to this he has also held several other positions including Editor of the Municipality Paper of Ilidza, Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Minister/Counselor/Head of Department of the Department for Planning and Analysis, Head of Department for human rights and acting Head of Department of Planning and Information among others.

Although academically with a doctorate in International Law, the Ambassador Subasic is inclined more towards International Relations, a topic on which he has published some significant essays and articles. He has also been a student at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1981 and earned a Masters of Diplomatic Studies at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, University of Malta. Domains that academically require his attention are negotiation strategies, mediation and playing the role of a so called third party in negotiation processes.

With the intention to promote awareness about the importance of sustainability, Ambassador Subasic founded a local NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina called Association for Promotion of Sustainable Development. Recently he initiated the establishment of the Centre of Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Religious Tolerance and Understanding, another NGO which has a purpose to promote better relations among different ethnic and religious groups and societies in the Balkan region.

Ambassador Subasic speaks fluent English and is able to communicate in Turkish and German as well.